The A hole G string

Why is the G string the a hole ? notice rule (18)
Pythagoras was a mathematician, not a physicist. That’s the reason.
Pythagoras, famous for fiddling with triangles, came up with the original “rule of 18” that determines fret placement on guitars. Take a length of string, divide by 18, and place a fret that far from the last one. This describes the relationship between string length and pitch.
Except that he wasn’t a physicist.
He didn’t factor in the physical aspect, which is that the further from the center of a string you get the more effort it takes to move it. This is why bending close to the nut is difficult and why the G string is out of tune. Actually, ALL of the strings are out of tune all the time in some way. Fourths and thirds are basically an either/or proposition. Anyway, by not figuring in the physical aspect of it and relying solely on math he screwed us all over for centuries to come.
Sort of.
If you wanted your guitar to be perfectly in tune all the time you’d need a new one for every key. There’s a reason there hasn’t been much improvement on Pythagoras’s original calculation (a refining of the numbers more than anything else)… it’s a good compromise. About the best you can get without resorting to one guitar per key.

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